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Criminal and Background Checks

ILOHB provides in house live-scan services at the State and Federal level, including immigration agencies such as CBP, OBIM, USCIS, and EOIR (all comprehensive biometric services include attorney review)


Our Naturalization team meticulously reviews the profile of each Legal Permanent Resident to determine their eligibility to apply for U.S. Citizenship. This is the last time the U.S. Government will examine your immigration case, always consult with an immigration attorney as they can mitigate the possibility of denial.

B-1 B-2 Visas

ILOHB has specialized knowledge in assisting foreign nationals abroad in applying for B1 B2 tourist visas. With offices in Mexico City and London, we assist clients not only with their application, but also preparing them for the interview process.

EAD Renewals

Foreign nationals who are temporarily residing in the US and have been granted an EAD (work permit) will need to renew their application by completing and submitting form I-765. Let us take care of this process for you, sign up for our EAD Renewal Reminder Program submit your contact information now.

DACA Renewals

Individuals who have DACA, had DACA, or had their DACA terminated are eligible to renew their DACA status and EAD (Work Permit), complete the contact form to learn how you can sign up for our Renewal Reminder Text Message Program.

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ASL Interpretation

ILOHB has a long history representing and assisting Deaf clients, our in-house ASL interpreters assist you from beginning to end. Early in our trajectory we realized that Deaf immigrants face unparalleled hardship, adding lack of access to communication to the already vast list of disadvantages. For that reason and many others, we have invested years of training and practice to learn how to communicate with Deaf clients, leaving no question unanswered.


ILOHB's experience

and volume is due to the years of representation of the Consulate of Guatemala at present and the Consulate of Mexico from 2014 through 2017.

ILOHB has a 99% success

rate in academic cases due to Hadley Bajramovic’s position as the Director of International Scholar Center at the University of California, Riverside from 2006-2009.

ILOHB has represented

and advised more than 5,000 individuals in the Inland Empire and across the United States.

ILOHB staff

makes sure that all cases receive the best possible care. Everyone at ILOHB understands that immigration status is a life issue. We make sure that our services meet the care expected in these circumstances.

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