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Family Petition

America cherishes families and that is reflected in our immigration laws. The United State immigration laws allow for certain family relationships to petition other family members.

Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of status allows for an individual who is inside the country with a current I-130 visa petition to apply for adjustment to a green card.


A foreign national is advised to submit a waiver petition to wave grounds of inadmissibility.

Consular Processing

Consular processing requires a green card applicant to attend an interview at a U.S. consulate in their home country, to determine an applicant’s admissibility to the United States.

Parole in Place

Parole in place is a program that aids members of the armed services who have undocumented family members, the program allows the family member to change their entry status, which may change their eligibility to obtain a green card.

Removal of Condition

In marriage-based instances in which a condition is attached to a foreign national’s green card, the foreign national must file to remove the conditions placed on the green card status by proving that the marriage that was considered valid by the USCIS remains valid.

Renewal of Green Card

A green card has a 10-year duration, if your green card expires this does not mean that the green card holder is no longer a lawful permanent resident, only that the proof has now expired. Always seek advice from an immigration attorney, and if you feel ready consider the naturalization process.

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ASL Interpretation

ILOHB has a long history representing and assisting Deaf clients, our in-house ASL interpreters assist you from beginning to end. Early in our trajectory we realized that Deaf immigrants face unparalleled hardship, adding lack of access to communication to the already vast list of disadvantages. For that reason and many others, we have invested years of training and practice to learn how to communicate with Deaf clients, leaving no question unanswered.


ILOHB's experience

and volume is due to the years of representation of the Consulate of Guatemala at present and the Consulate of Mexico from 2014 through 2017.

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rate in academic cases due to Hadley Bajramovic’s position as the Director of International Scholar Center at the University of California, Riverside from 2006-2009.

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and advised more than 5,000 individuals in the Inland Empire and across the United States.

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makes sure that all cases receive the best possible care. Everyone at ILOHB understands that immigration status is a life issue. We make sure that our services meet the care expected in these circumstances.

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