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The investor: Why you should consider the e-2 over The eb-5

The Options: The EB-5 & The E-2. 

The Breakdown: The EB-5 is the sale of a green card while the E-2 is an opportunity to enter the American market with non-immigrant status. The EB-5 has grown to become an attractive exchange of a large investment (minimum of $1.2 million effective November 21,2019) to obtain residency in the United States. Since the EB-5 is a track to citizenship, the exchange becomes more complicated as it places further restrictions on the investor such as: 

  1. Enforcement of residence rules
  2. Restriction on travel outside of the United States
  3. Taxation on worldwide income

What if you do not plan to leave your country anytime soon? What if you have no desire to invest 1.2 million dollars cash, up-front?

You can apply for the E-2 visa. You can open a business abroad, and with an investment as low as $20,000 USD demonstrated through your company expenses. You can maintain your life in your country without incurring worldwide taxes and you may choose to live in the United States without travel restrictions. 

The E-2 approval has a fast processing time of 4-8 months, minimal risk, secure investment and profit of your money, freedom to travel, employment opportunities in the U.S. for your spouse, and educational opportunities in the U.S. for your children. The United States market wants your investment; your success is its success. This need for E-2 investors is reflected in the approval rates that rank in the high 90 percentile of the E-2 visa for Mexican nationals:

As we get closer to the date of the EB-5 minimum investment experiencing a steep increase, the E-2 option quickly grows in its attraction. The investment amount is minimum, the risk is lower, possible tax advantage (seek advice), and the benefits are long-term. 

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