Supporting Immigrant Students’ in Higher Ed

At the Immigration Law Offices of Hadley Bajramovic, stories like those highlighted in the recent LA Times article on FAFSA struggles resonate deeply with our team. As immigration attorneys, we understand firsthand the complex bureaucratic barriers immigrant families face in realizing their American dreams.

Seeing bright, hardworking students like Downtown Magnets High valedictorian Esmeralda Bernal unable to navigate critical financial aid forms is heartbreaking, yet far too common. Her immigrant parents’ lack of social security numbers and English fluency mirror those of so many families we work with. The confusion and frustration are palpable.

In our experience, securing proper legal status is key to unlocking access to higher education for immigrant youth. With green cards or visas, students gain the documentation needed to smoothly complete funding applications. Our attorneys provide compassionate guidance in multiple languages to ensure immigrant families understand all their options under current laws.


At the Immigration Law Offices of Hadley Bajramovic, we believe that where you were born should not determine your access to education. Financial barriers stemming from immigration status should never derail a student’s higher learning or career goals. We strive to knock down obstacles through expert legal counsel, so that any immigrant youth can achieve their full academic potential.

If your child is an undocumented student wishing to attend college, contact our office today. Our team is here to support your family on the path to legal status, financial aid, and a brighter future. With dedicated advocates in your corner, your child’s higher ed dreams can become reality.

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