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Post Election Series: Start a Business for Family Members


By Hadley Bajramovic


For many families, the E-2 visa will be the vehicle to expand a business, start a new business, or even buy a franchise for their family members so that they can have new opportunities in the United States.   Many of these families may not be from E-2 countries or may be from countries which face lengthy backlogs in other visa types. To remedy this,  the E-2 visa allows for individuals to acquire nationality in E-2 countries and then enter as an E-2 holder under that nationality. The Caribbean island nation of Grenada is an E-2 country that will allow foreign nationals to invest or donate in Grenada in exchange for nationality.

The Grenada E-2 visa is a great option for citizens of countries such as India, China and Nigeria where the interest in expansion and investment in the United States has been challenged by unavailable visas.  The E-2 visa allows that applicant to bring immediate family and provides work authorization to the spouse of the principle E-2 visa holder.  Once a business is registered, the business may bring additional employees who have necessary knowledge from the country through which the E-2 visa was acquired.  For families, this can be a long-term solution for operating a business in the United States, so long as the business is operating, as the E-2 has no duration limits.  The business should make significantly more money than required to support the family, meaning it should not be a marginal business, as the E-2 visa holder is expected to support the local economy through employment and use of local services.


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