New Year “Know Your Rights” Refresher

A new year brings fresh starts, goals, and this year…a legal rights refresher! The Immigration Law Offices of Hadley Bajramovic wants to provide an accessible review of your rights to empower you. Consider this your mini constitutional cheat sheet. Let’s dive in:


Hire an Attorney

Navigating complex visa applications, deportation cases, asylum claims and more poses pitfalls without proper guidance. Rely on our attorneys’ top-tier immigration law expertise.


Invoke Right to Silence

Those detained can politely decline questioning without an attorney present per the 5th Amendment. However, providing officials intentional falsehoods can severely undermine pending cases. Allow us to deliberately advise disclosure.


Verify Home Entry Warrants

Officials require a valid judge-signed warrant specifying an address to lawfully search premises without consent. Contact our office immediately if pressured into allowing unwarranted access or property seizures. We are happy to intervene.


Strategic Disclosure When Arrested

Miranda Rights include accessing counsel over openly speaking when in custody. Yet oversharing information with agencies may provide unintended self-incriminating evidence. Our lawyers artfully communicate on your behalf when needed.


This new year, we hope one of your resolutions is to understand your essential civil liberties as an immigrant. Let The Immigration Law Offices of Hadley Bajramovic help you protect them with confidence in any situation! Know Your Rights!

We are always available to answer any questions BOOK your COMPLIMENTARY consultation any time!!

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