What is the Trader Visa?

The E-1 treaty trader visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows foreign entrepreneurs from treaty nations to enter into the United States to engage in international trade. To qualify for the E-1 visa, the trader must be a national of a treaty country engaging in substantial trade between the treaty country and the United States and the trader must maintain that trade.

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E Visa Processing Times

6-8 Months approximately. Processing Times may vary.

The Treaty

The United States has a treaty of commerce with 76 countries which allows a national of a treaty country to trade with the United States.

The Requirements

  • Nationals of the treaty country must be engaging in substantial trade.
  • The trade is the exchange of goods, services, technology, and more that changes possession from one party to another.
  • The trading company should have the ability to ultimately support more than the trader and his/her immediate family.
  • The United States business is real and operating.
  • 50% of the international trade must be done with the United States and the treaty country that the trader is a national of.
  • The potential E-1 applicant is responsible for maintaining a continuous flow of trade.
  • While there is no minimum monetary value, there is greater weight with numerous transactions with high monetary value.

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