Biometrics Services – Now OPEN

Our Background Checks and Fingerprint services are now OPEN! Monday and Friday, 9am-5pm.



As we slowly begin to reopen our office spaces for in person services, the safety of our employees and everyone we serve remains our top priority.

During your next visit to our office you will notice some changes. Our staff will be required to use masks while serving you, our biometrics technicians will also be required to wear masks, disposable gloves, as well as a face shield to carry out their duties as safely as possible both for them and for you. We ask that you join us in wearing a mask, and practicing safe social distancing. Our waiting room will see the most dramatic change as individuals will be asked to wait outside until their appointment time, this is to ensure our reception area remains as safe as possible for our employees and our guests. You will notice plexiglass shields in our spaces where you must interact with our staff, this is to ensure that we provide you with a safe space to carry out activities that require us be in close proximity.

Many changes lie ahead of us, but one thing that remains the same is our commitment to you and the success of your case. We have not stopped working, we quickly adjusted to change, and we remain commited to provide you the best service possible.

We hope you stay safe and we are happy to welcome you back.



Appointments Available
Monday and Friday
9am – 5pm



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