Why hire an immigration attorney?

Your immigration case is one of the most important steps you will take to ensure a prosperous future. So why would you put your case in the hands of a notary or immigration consultant who does not have the education or permission to practice immigration law?

The main reasons to trust and hire a lawyer: 1. Your case is an investment in your future!

2. The wrong help hurts! Errors made by notaries and immigration consultants can permanently damage an immigration case and can even lead to deportation!

3. Lawyers receive doctoral-level training and must pass certifications to be licensed to practice.

4. Cheaper can be more expensive! Many people use notaries because their services are cheaper than those of a lawyer. DON’T BE FOOLED! Many notaries charge the same fees as lawyers! Notaries and immigration consultants create errors and problems that must be reme- died by an attorney. When this happens, the case becomes much more expensive for the applicant.

5. The value of the service of the immigration lawyer is much higher than that of a notary or immigration consultant. The attorneys have experience, education, expert skills, and experienced staff.

Invest in your Future!

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