5 Key Things to Know About the New Parole-in-Place Program: Why You Need an Experienced Immigration Attorney

The immigration landscape is constantly evolving, and the new parole-in-place program is a prime example of how complex these changes can be. At the Law Offices of Hadley Bajramovic, we’re committed to keeping our clients informed and protected. Here are five crucial aspects of the new program you need to understand:

  1. What is Parole-in-Place? Parole-in-place allows certain individuals who entered the U.S. without inspection to remain in the country temporarily. It’s a discretionary measure that can provide a pathway to adjust status without leaving the country.
  2. Benefits of the Program For eligible applicants, parole-in-place can be life-changing. It may offer work authorization, protection from deportation, and the ability to apply for a green card without leaving the U.S.
  3. Eligibility Criteria While the program offers significant benefits, not everyone qualifies. Eligibility typically involves family ties to U.S. citizens or permanent residents, good moral character, and other factors that require careful evaluation. Be aware that we are still waiting for the official eligibility criteria to be published.
  4. Potential Pitfalls The application process is complex, and mistakes can be costly. Misunderstanding eligibility requirements, failing to provide sufficient evidence, or overlooking critical details can lead to denials or even trigger removal proceedings.
  5. Why Professional Guidance is Crucial Given the program’s complexity and the high stakes involved, working with an experienced immigration attorney should be your top priority. Here’s why:
  • Expertise in Current and Evolving Laws: Immigration laws change rapidly. An experienced attorney stays up-to-date with the latest regulations and policy shifts.
  • Thorough Case Evaluation: We can assess your unique situation to determine if parole-in- place is your best option or if alternative pathways might be more beneficial.
  • Meticulous Application Preparation: Our team knows exactly what evidence and documentation are needed to build a strong case.
  • Anticipating Challenges: With years of experience, we can foresee potential obstacles and proactively address them.
  • Ongoing Support: Immigration processes can be lengthy. We provide continuous guidance and updates throughout your journey.How We Can Help
    At the Law Offices of Hadley Bajramovic, we don’t just fill out forms – we build comprehensive strategies tailored to your unique circumstances. Our approach includes:
  • In-depth complimentary consultations to understand your full immigration history and goals
  • Thorough eligibility assessments
  • Customized application preparation
  • Gathering and organizing supporting evidence with our skilled and friendly team
  • Preparing you for any required interviews
  • Responding to any requests for additional information from USCIS
  • Exploring alternative options if parole-in-place isn’t the best fitDon’t leave your immigration future to chance. With so much at stake, partnering with an experienced immigration attorney is not just helpful – it’s essential. Contact the Law Offices of Hadley Bajramovic today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards securing your future in the United States.
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