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Supreme Court Considers DACA’s Contribution To The Frontline Efforts

In November of 2019, the Supreme Court heard challenges from the Trump Administration to the DACA program. These challenges were to the legality of the program. DACA, short for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is a program implemented by President Barack Obama through an Executive Order in 2011 that gave status to migrants that arrived in the United States as children. Ever since 2011, there has been a debate surrounding DACA as Republicans argued that President Obama went too far with his powers as President and that DACA was an illegal program. The court challenge for DACA started in 2017, when Trump announced that he would be rescinding DACA. Since that announcement, advocates have been fighting to keep DACA in place through the courts until it finally reached the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land. 

What this means for recipients of DACA is that the status of DACA currently rests with the decision of the Supreme Court on whether DACA should continue or not. In the coming months, the Supreme Court will publish the decision and that will be the final word on DACA. Based on recent decisions, the Supreme Court has been making decisions based on partisanship, which does not bode well for DACA. The majority of the justices are conservative and are more likely to favor making a decision against DACA. 

However, on Monday, April 20, the judges accepted new evidence recently on DREAMers and their contributions to the country during the Covid-19 pandemic. As over 20,000 nurses and paramedics are recipients of DACA, and another estimated 175,000 DACA’s are considered essential workers, the Supreme Court agreed to take this into consideration before making their final decision on DACA. 

The Supreme Court will issue a final decision before the end of June that will decide the fate of DACA. Hopefully the judges will consider the contributions that recipients of DACA provide for the country and let the program continue. 

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