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Parole in Place

Parole in place is a program that was enacted during President Obama’s Administration that is meant to aid members of the armed services who have undocumented family members and are concerned about their wellbeing. Parole in place allows the applicant to change their entry status from “without inspection” to “with inspection” which could change the eligibility of that person to obtain a green card.

For example, if an armed service member is a U.S. Citizen over twenty-one and his or her parent enter the country without permission, parole in place gives the parent entry with permission and now is eligible to apply for a green card through that U.S. citizen child and adjust inside the Unites States. This allows for a straightforward green card process with little risk of denial.

Parole in Place Process

Prepare Packet
File to USCIS
Monitor for elegibility of future benefits
Response from USCIS

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